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Interesting Thoughts About Common Items in Duro Dogs

If you have spent some time digging in Duro Dogs to try and get rare items, then you are probably very familiar with common items. People have been digging up the same common items since the start of Duro Dogs. There are lots and lots of common items. For example, one of my dogs recently dug up Blue Bandana #8208 and Red Bowtie #8376. If I tried to sell these in the market, then I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be able to get $0.05 for the two of them.

The rare items you dig up are different because they have been getting swapped out for new rare items every few weeks, but the common items have so far stayed the same. However, I sometimes wonder what would happen if the original common items were swapped out for new common items. What would happen to the price of bandanas if the red, yellow, and blue bandanas were removed from the dig and removed from the shop? What would the price of bandanas be if we started to dig up orange, purple, and green bandanas?

Replacing the current common items with new common items is an interesting idea to think about. At some point I think it will happen, but it may not be for a while. I'm not really looking to buy common items even at these super low prices, but I'm definitely not planning to sell my common items because one day this original batch of common items may become sold out and gone from the dig!

Another interesting thing about common items on Duro Dogs is that they are actually non fungible tokens (NFT's) with some very uncommon properties. The common items are NFT's that are super affordable to mint and transfer, super quick to transfer to other Duro Dogs players, and can be used in other games. Even though we view items like Blue Bandana #8208 and Red Bowtie #8376 as cheap common items, they actually have some very rare and uncommon properties :)
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