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Play-to-Earn Strategy with the Duro Dogs Shop

Update 9/21/2022: The Duro Dogs Shop icon now takes you to the Duro Dogs Beta Market. The strategy mentioned below is still available, but you would now be purchasing the items through the Duro Dogs Beta Market.

A brief overview of the Duro Dogs Shop is that you can get to it from your backyard by clicking on one of your Duro Dogs, then you click the "Train" button, and then you click the "Shop" button. There are currently four tabs in the shop, and this play-to-earn strategy involves the 2nd tab where you can buy items with treats.

The strategy is to earn treats by training Duro Dogs, to use those treats to buy certain items from the shop, and then to sell those items in the market for BSV. For example, currently you can buy a Silver Tiara from the shop for 1000 treats, and you might be able to sell it fairly quickly in the market at a major discount like maybe by selling it for $0.50 worth of BSV. I'll admit that this isn't a huge amount of money, but it is still nice to be able to play a game and earn some BSV. Also, playing Duro Dogs and earning isn't like a stressful job, because you can play when you want, and you may even find it somewhat relaxing earning treats while listening to something you enjoy.

I also want to mention a similar play-to-earn strategy which could potentially be more lucrative, but it involves more planning and more patience. The plan still involves you training your dogs and earning lots of treats, but you save lots of treats so you can buy lots of new items shortly after they are added to the shop. With this approach you can get the items with low ID numbers which seem to be more valuable. Then, instead of selling the items right away, you patiently wait for the items to sell out, and you continue waiting for more people to discover Duro Dogs. If Duro Dogs grows to be real popular in a year, then one of the first few Silver Tiaras ever minted on Duro Dogs might be worth a lot more than a Silver Tiara with a high ID number priced to sell quickly today.

If you only have one Duro Dog, then the strategy mentioned above won't give you much success, but another strategy I plan to talk more about later is to use treats to buy items from the shop and to trade those items for more Duro Dogs.
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