Ultra Duro Dogs Guide
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The Basics of Digging With Duro Dogs

Digging with your Duro Dogs is a great way to earn rare NFT's, and digging is a big part of many people's play to earn strategies with Duro Dogs. To get to the digging options, you click the small shovel icon just above the button you would click to pet your dog.

You can do "Dig I" once your Duro Dog reaches level 2, but since digging consumes both energy and treats you should probably refrain for doing lots of digs until your dog reaches level 8 when it can do "Dig III" which gives you the best chance to dig up rare items.

The Duro Dogs Team periodically buries new items and removes older items, and there is usually a lot of excitement in the market when new items are buried. The best time to dig is as soon as possible after new items are buried because that is when you can dig up the low numbered items. If you are really lucky, then you might get #0 or #1 item which can be quite valuable especially if it is a rare item. A strategy I use is to save up lots of treats to use to dig shortly after new items are buried.

After you have some success digging, you will probably want to get some more Duro Dogs to earn treats with and to have energy to dig with. I'm working on a guide about ways to get more Duro Dogs, but a quick list of some options are to 1) adopt more dogs, 2) buy common dogs at discounted rates from the market, 3) trade items for dogs, and 4) to rent/borrow/share Duro Dogs.
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