Ultra Duro Dogs Guide
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Overview of the Duro Dogs Referral Program

Duro Dogs has a referral program where you can earn treats and BSV by referring people to Duro Dogs. Each Duro Dogs account is automatically included in the referral program, and you can find your referral link by clicking on the "Referrals" link from within your backyard.

You can earn a treat for each treat a referred user earns up to 500 treats per referred user. I tested it out and asked a user I referred to train while on the phone with them, and then I checked the referring account while they earned their treats, and I was happy to see that bonus treats were automatically added to the account. Automatically earning bonus treats is pretty cool. Unfortunately, this is capped at only being able to 10,000 treats total per account, and I'm pretty sure I'll reach this 10,000 bonus treat limit because I can place my referral link on top and bottom of every page on this website.

You can also earn BSV when a referred user spends money on Duro Dogs. I tested it out and had a user I referred to purchase a new Duro Dog for $1.99, and after they did this I noticed receiving a handcash.io payment of around $0.20 worth of BSV which is a 10% commission. This 10% can grow up to 20%, 30%, and even as high as 40% if the people I refer spend a lot of money (or if I refer a lot of people who spend a little money). These are pretty generous commission percentages, but unfortunately the ability to earn commissions on a particular user only lasts for the first 30 days from when the referred user signs up.
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Click Here to Play Duro Dogs! (Referral Program Link)