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Tips for Playing Ruff Runner

Ruff Runner is the first game launched in the Duro Dogs Park. It is a fun yet simple game which demonstrates how your Duro Dog can be used in other games. You can play Ruff Runner and earn treats even when your dog is out of energy. You can also earn NFT items such as a Ruff Runner Cap and Treat Glasses. It is also fun to see where you can place on the leader boards.

The way to earn NFT items is to collect standard and premium boxes that randomly appear while you play. Some people refer to these as "loot boxes" or "treasure chests". On average these boxes seem to randomly appear around every 3 to 5 minutes, but I've played for a half hour and not seen any boxes, and I've also gotten two premium boxes right next to each other on multiple occasions.

The difference between the standard and premium boxes is the standard boxes have silver and green while the premium boxes have red and gold. Each box gives you a chance to spin a wheel where you have a 1 in 6 chance to win an NFT item, but the premium boxes seem to give you a better chance to win the rarer items. You are given the option to pay to get a key to increase your chances of winning an item when you spin, but in my opinion the keys seem to be priced too high to be worthwhile.

Update: On June 8, 2022, Ruff Runner was added to the Haste Arcade, and you might want to checkout the article, Understanding Ruff Runner on Haste Arcade. With regard to NFT collection, I'm not aware of any differences between the "Casual" vs. "Competitive" modes of play, so if your goal is to get free NFT's then be sure to play one of the free modes of Ruff Runner.

Picking up treats is important when you play Ruff Runner because the more treats you pick up, the faster your score increases. To get a high score you need to find a balance between picking up lots of treats, but not being too risking because you want your game to last to get a high score. Picking up lots of treats is nice because for every 5 treats you pick up in Ruff Runner I think that corresponds to earning 1 treat in Duro Dogs.

My basic Ruff Runner strategy is to try and stay in the lane where you are going with the flow of traffic, and if a car is coming from behind, then I try to get in the lane that is going against traffic, and if a car is coming at me then I try to find an option, any option, that is less risky than jumping the oncoming car because if you don't time your jump correctly, and there is a car just behind the one you jump, then your game could be over, especially if there is another car just behind that one.

I've heard of some people streaming their Ruff Runner games live, and I think that could be a great way to quickly learn some tips and strategy to improve your Ruff Runner play.
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