Ultra Duro Dogs Guide
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How to Tell if Your Duro Dog is Rare

Each Duro Dog is unique so in that sense every Duro Dog is extremely rare. However, some Duro Dogs have certain features that are a lot more rare than others. The rarity of your dogs fur seems to be what people care most about, and the next most important rarity seems to be the eye color, and then the nose color, and some people care about spotless dogs.

You can find lots of information about the rarity of your dog within your Duro Dogs dashboard by clicking on the "FAQ" link and then clicking the link to the "Duro Dogs Rarity Page". However, a brief summary is that about 90% of Duro Dogs have common fur colors like brown and gray, and about 9% have rare fur colors like orange and blue, and only about 1% of Duro Dogs have ultra rare fur colors like pink or neon green. The breakdown for the rarity of eyes is similar with about 90% having common eye colors like brown and green, and about 9% having rare eye colors like red and yellow, and only about 1% having ultra rare eyes which are odd eyes where each eye is a different color.

Before selling or trading any of your dogs, you should make sure you understand their rarity. You can get input from others about the rarity of your dog by posting a picture of your dog in the #doggies Discord channel. It is somewhat easy to tell if a dog has ultra rare fur because their ears will have a different color than the fur on their head. However, sometimes it can be difficult to notice ultra rare eyes especially with the blue/green combo on certain styles of eyes.
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