Ultra Duro Dogs Guide
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Beginner's Guide to Training Your Duro Dog

The first training activity you can do with your new Duro Dog is to give them pets. The most intuitive way to do this is to click your dog and then click the button to "Train" them and then click your dog again (or click the activities button) and then click the button to "Pet" them. After you give your dog five pets, your dog moves from level 1 to level 2 and your dog's energy is replenished.

At level 2 you get the option to train your dog to "Lay". After you train your dog to Lay four times then your dog should be out of energy, and your dog will lie down to take a nap. It is possible to feed your dog to give them more energy, but I typically view feeding as a waste of treats and time so I usually avoid feeding my dogs, and instead I wait for their energy to naturally increase. However, if you like feeding your Duro Dog, then feed it.

Regardless of whether or not you feed your dog, you'll have to get used to waiting for your dog's energy to increase. It takes about 50 minutes for your dog's energy to increase from 0 to 100, and if you want to level-up quickly, then you might consider setting a timer to remind you when your dog has more energy. While you are waiting for your energy to increase you might consider options like playing Ruff Runner, reading more articles on this site, browsing items in the shop, or being a part of the Duro Dogs communities on Discord and Twitter.

As your dog's level increases you can do more things. For example, at level 3 you can "Beg" and can earn 6 treats with each beg which is three times more than you can earn with "Pet" or "Lay". As another example, at level 8 you can do "Dig III" which gives you the best chance to dig up a rare reward.
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