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Overview of the Bark Battle Game

This article is an overview of the Duro Dogs Park game Bark Battle which is the second game in the Duro Dogs Park (the first Duro Dogs Park game was Ruff Runner).

What is Special About Bark Battle

Similar to Ruff Runner, Bark Battle is a game that is played with Duro Dogs and their items where the dogs and items are NFTs on the BSV blockchain. Both games are examples of how assets you own on the blockchain can be used in different, independent applications across the metaverse. Additionally, Bark Battle takes things a step further than Ruff Runner, because in Bark Battle the Duro Dog items have a non-cosmetic, in-game use which can serve to give them the items more value. For example, I actually purchased several Duro Dogs items specifically to make my dogs more powerful in Bark Battle whereas I don't recall purchasing any items to make my dogs look cooler in Ruff Runner.

Bark Battle Game Basics

Bark Battle is played on a 8x8 grid like a chess board, and it is also similar to chess in that you can have up to 16 fully equipped Duro Dogs that can potentially move up, down, left, right, or diagonal; however, that is where the similarities to chess end. In Bark Battle each Duro Dog and each Duro Dog item has various stats for their ability to attack and to withstand attacks as well as stats for their range of motion and range of attack in different directions. The Duro Dog items can also have special abilities such as the ability heal your dog a certain amount per turn or the ability to teleport your dog to any vacant board space of your choosing. The abilities of each dog is a combination of the abilities of the dog plus all the equipment the dog is wearing, and each dog can wear a hat, collar, and glasses so a fully equipped side of 16 dogs contains 64 NFTs.

How to Play

You don't need to own a bunch of NFTs to play, and you can get a free Duro Dog account from durodogs.com and then head over to barkbattle.com and play with just 1 dog and no items if you want. You can also win Puppy Pennies just by playing, and my guess is that Puppy Pennies may have some interesting use in the future. You can play against the computer which is very easy at the start, but as you get more dogs, equip your dogs with better items, and your skills increase then so does difficulty of the computer which is good because you can earn more Puppy Pennies when you beat stronger opponents.

You can also play against other people simply by both of you trying to play Bark Battle at the same time. For example, if you are beating up on the computer earning some easy Puppy Pennies, then someone else can join in and start playing a new game to try and beat up on you! Bark Battle is one of my favorite games because it involves a lot of strategy both with deciding how best to equip your dogs before the battle, and also with adjusting your strategy depending on how your opponent has equipped their dogs and plays.

I was able to poke around and figure out how to play Bark Battle on my own, but I highly recommend watching the video, Bark Battle Game Mechanics / Strategy Guide, that walks you through the steps to get started, and it also provides lots of other helpful information.

I like Bark Battle a lot as it is, and I see lots of potential for the future Bark Battle, and I look forward to keeping a close eye on it as it continues to develop.
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