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Duro Dogs Side Game: 2345 Dig With Friends

Quickstart Guide

While a 2345 game is underway, simply post whatever non-common items you dig up, and hopefully some friendly person will help you understand if you win.

Brief History of 2345

Understanding the history of 2345 can help make it easier to learn how to play. My son and I invent lots of side games while playing Duro Dogs, and one of our favorites is 2345. It is pronounced twenty three forty five. We invented 2345 during the "Fancy" dig set where the winner was the first person to dig up 2 Black Tophats or 3 Pearl Necklaces or 4 Black Neckties or 5 Monocles. The 2345 game has been adapted to various different dig sets like the current "World Cup" dig set.

Rules of 2345 Dig With Friends "World Cup" Edition

You begin digging after the game starts, and below are the two ways you can win.
  1. Dig up a total of 2 of any the following: Brazil, France, England, Argentina, or Spain. Note: These are the five countries that are most likely to win the World Cup.
  2. Dig up a total of 5 of any of the other country scarf.
You need to post the items after you dig them up. For example, after you dig a Canada scarf you might copy and paste "Canada 2/5", but people are likely to understand if you quickly type something like "can".

In order to win you also need to be the first person to post your winning items so if you dig up a winning item, then be sure to post about it before doing a happy dance.

Honor System

Everything is recorded on the BSV blockchain, but the 2345 game still depends on the honor system. If you accidentally dig and feed again, then you need to pause for a 5 second penalty because that is about the amount of time it takes other players to switch dogs. In 2345 you are not permitted to dig with multiple dogs at the same time in different browser windows.


Although not required, it is considered proper etiquette for the losers who dug up 2 or more items during the game to each give 1 item they dug up during the game to the winner.
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