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The Launch of the Duro Dogs Beta Market

On September 21, 2022, the Duro Dogs team launched the Duro Dogs Beta Market meeting their goal of launching it before the end of summer. Below I describe the basic functionality of the new market, and then I discuss some additional features I think are really nice.

Quick Overview for Sellers

Sellers can list individual items for sale except at launch you can't list dogs for sale, but that will probably be coming soon. It is free to list items, and there doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of items you can list. The minimum listing price is $0.10, and if there is a maximum listing price it is irrelevant because I did a test and was able to list an item for a billion dollars. There is a 7.5% fee paid by the seller for each item sold which I'm guessing will be really helpful to fund future development of the Duro Dogs Market. It is simple to list an item for sale because all you need to do is browse your inventory, click the item type you want to sell (e.g. BSV Cap), click the item number you want to sell (e.g. #521), enter the price (e.g. $0.25), and click to publish your listing.

Quick Overview for Buyers

Buyers can search for items to buy using various keywords, filters, and sorting options. There are so many ways to use all the search features, and it is difficult to describe them all so I recommend you try it out to see for yourself. I like to try and find good deals by searching for everything sorted by the lowest listed price. Buying an item is even easier than selling because all you have to do is click the item type (e.g. BSV Cap), click the price and item number you want to buy (e.g. #521 for $0.25), and then click to confirm.

Feature Highlights

Below are some of the features of the Duro Dogs Beta Market that I find most interesting.

While you are shopping for items you can get a preview of what the items look like on the specific Duro Dog you decided to take to the market. This is really nice to see how the colors and things match with your dog. It has the feel as if you were shopping in a physical store and looking in the mirror to see how the items look on you (except you are a Duro Dog).

The "My Listings" feature provides a really nice summary of your current listings, and you can even search your own listings using keywords along with various filters and sorting options.

With the "Market History" option you can get a detailed summary of items you sold and items you purchased. It includes lots of useful information such as the item type, item number, sales price, sales date, who bought or sold the item from you, and more. You can export this information into a CSV file which is helpful if you are buying and selling lots of items. You can even search, filter, and sort your history.

Closing Remarks

I'm really enjoying the new Duro Dogs Beta Market. There are many features I haven't even written about and there are probably some features I haven't even thought to explore yet. My overall assessment is that the new Duro Dogs Beta Market is very useful, easy to use, and it already has a lot of neat features. I'm sure the Duro Dogs team has lots of ideas for how to make it even better, and the Duro Dogs community is sure to give their feedback for features they want added. I look forward to writing future articles about new developments with the Duro Dogs Market.
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