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Understanding Ruff Runner on Haste Arcade

On June 8, 2022, Ruff Runner was included in Haste Arcade which is an Instant Leader Payout (ILP) system for games on Bitcoin SV (BSV). There is already a guide about Tips for Playing Ruff Runner so this guide is focused on giving you a basic understanding of the Haste Arcade ILP system.

Casual Run and Practice Run

You can still play Ruff Runner for free using the Casual Run mode or Practice Run mode. The casual mode seems to be Ruff Runner without any integration into the Haste Arcade system, so there are two separate leaderboards even though they are both free. The casual mode still has the "pause" button while the practice mode has that feature removed.

Competitive Run for $0.01 (Nano)

The Nano for $0.01 is the least expensive competitive play option on Haste Arcade. You pay $0.01 (in BSV) to play and your payment is distributed to the players in the top 10 leaderboard. The payout distributions are detailed in the "Rules" section of Haste Arcade where 10% goes to #1, 8% goes to #2, 7% to #3-#6, and 6% to #7-#10. For example, for every $0.01 play, $0.001 goes to #1 and $0.0006 would go to #10. It is often tough to get on the Nano leaderboard because there are only 10 spots.

Competitive Runs for $0.10, $1, $10, and $100

There are more expensive competitive runs for $0.10 (Micro), $1 (Macro), $10 (Mega), and $100 (High Roller). They all have payouts all the way to #100 on the leaderboard where 10% goes to #1, 5% goes to #2-#6, 1% goes to #7-#16, and 0.2% goes to #17-#100. For example, for every $0.10 play, #1 would get $0.01 and #50 would get $0.0002. It doesn't seem like much, but my HandCash wallet is flooded with small micropayments like these. It is pretty impressive that BSV allows for business models with micropayments this small.

Strategies to Earn Playing Games on Haste Arcade

If you are good at games, then you might be able to make a profit playing games on Haste Arcade. I'll quickly go over some general strategies that you may find helpful. Practice seems to be a very important, and you will often see that people with the most game plays are also the ones at the top of the leaderboards. Learning about the games also helps, and you can learn how to improve your scrore while practicing, while watching others, by discussing the game with friends, etc. Playing early can be very helpful as well. For example, if you are one of the first people to play, then it isn't too difficult to get on the leaderboard, and you get paid by everyone else who plays after you until you are off the leaderboard. However, if you are one of the last few people to play the game, then it can be very difficult to even get on the leaderboard, and you can only get paid by the few people who play after you. Another strategy to help you earn while playing Haste Arcade games has to do with HST which I discuss below.

The Haste Token (HST)

Whenever you pay to play on Haste Arcade you also earn some Haste Tokens (HST). Haste has a whitepaper that describes all the details, but a brief summary is that every day for five years (from March 2, 2021, to March 1, 2026) they will distribute 43,835 HST daily proportional to how much each person pays to play on that day. For example, if you spent $1 on a day when the total spent by everyone was $1000, then you would receive 43.835 HST, and if HST were worth $0.005 each, then that calculates to earning around $0.22 worth of HST. There have been days where I've earned more value in HST than what I spent playing, but yesterday I earned significantly less.

Hast Arcade Player Cards

You can purchase Haste Arcade Player Cards for $99 worth of BSV, but you can get a 25% discount if you purchase with HST. There are a number of benefits for Player Card holders, but two really big benefits are that you get a 10% discount on all your game plays and that you might also get early access to some of the new games. Early access can give you time to practice and get good at a game so you have a better chance to score higher soon after the leaderboard goes live.

Earn From the Haste Referral Program

Haste has a referral program where you can "Earn 3.5% from your Level 1 referrals and 1.5% from all of their referrals". If you found this article helpful, and you want to give Haste Arcade a try, then you can help me out by signing up through this Haste Referral Link. I'm not yet sure about the commission payout details, but I plan to update this article after someone signs up through my referral link and earns me some commissions.
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