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The Latest on Duro Dogs Trainer, Market, Park, and Creator

The goal of this article is to be a place where people can go to get a basic status update on the Duro Dogs Trainer, Market, Park, and Creator. This article was last updated on 9/22/2022.

There is an excellent article on Medium, "Duro Dogs is Here! Now What?", that explains the long term vision for DD Trainer, DD Market, DD Park, and DD Creator. Below is a summary of where each of these four main components are at from the perspective of a Duro Dogs player.

Duro Dogs Trainer

In December of 2021, Duro Dogs launched the DD Trainer which includes training and digging. Since launch of the DD Trainer, the DD team has made a lot of very nice improvements and refinements to the training and digging systems, but the basic functionality of DD trainer is still very similar to when it was launched. The DD team keeps the DD Trainer fresh and interesting by periodically burying lots of new items.

Duro Dogs Market

In February of 2022, Duro Dogs launched the Alpha Market. The Alpha Market basically consists of three Discord channels for 1) negotiating trades, 2) submitting trades, and 3) completed trades. The Alpha Market is just an interim solution until the next version of the DD Market is launched. In May of 2022, the DD team launched the NFTY Hub which has an inactive tab for "Market", and so it seems the next version of the Market will be on the NFTY Hub. In September of 2022 the DD team launched the Duro Dogs Beta Market which is a major update, and we've written an article on it (see suggested articles below).

Duro Dogs Park

In March of 2022, Duro Dogs gave beta testing access to Ruff Runner which is the first game in the DD Park, and in April of 2022 they opened Ruff Runner up to the public, and also added the ability to earn NFT's while playing Ruff Runner. In June of 2022, Ruff Runner was added to the Haste Arcade. Ruff Runner is still the only game in the DD Park, but there is a screenshot of a game in the works called "Bark Battle". Also, I've heard interviews where the Duro Dogs CEO mentioned there are at least five different games currently under development to be include in the DD Park. The grand vision for DD Park is to provide tools to help lots of other people build games. In May of 2022 the DD team added a channel in Discord called #ddpark-devs, and they mentioned they "will have a lot of documentation released in the coming weeks/months".

Duro Dogs Creator

The DD Creator is the only main component of the four that the public hasn't gotten to put their hands on yet. However, somewhere in Discord I read that the DD team is using the DD Creator behind the scenes to mint the cool new items we dig up and buy in the shop, but so far there is nothing for the public to play with yet. NFTY Jigs recently put out a promotional video for prospective investors which shows a glimpse of the DD Creator in minutes 3:04 to 3:22, and it does look to be a very helpful tool for creating NFT's. The new Duro Dogs Beta Market also gives us a glimpse into plans for the DD Creator because the new DD Market has a tab to search for "User Generated" items.
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