Ultra Duro Dogs Guide
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Strategies to Get More Duro Dogs

If you want to ramp up your Duro Dogs play, then you are going to need more dogs. Below are some strategies to consider to help you get more Duro Dogs.

Adopt More Duro Dogs for $1.99 Each

The most obvious strategy is to adopt more Duro Dogs by clicking the button in your backyard to "Adopt Another Duro Dog" and paying $1.99 per dog. When you adopt a new dog there is a chance you'll get a dog with rare or even ultra rare features which can be quite valuable. One other benefit of paying $1.99 to adopt a new Duro Dog is you also get what is called a Game Drop Jig (GDJ). One day I play to write an article about GDJ's, but I currently don't know enough about them.

Buy Discounted Duro Dogs

You can buy common dogs from other people in the market at heavily discounted rates. For example, some people buy lots of dogs to try and get certain dogs they really want, such as an ultra rare dog, and they end up having more common dogs than they need. You can often buy common dogs at 50% to 75% discounts. For example, you can probably buy level 1 common dogs somewhere between $0.50 to $1.00. Dogs trained to level 10 are typically sold for more than level 1 dogs, but even level 10 dogs can be sold at discounted rates.

Trade Items for Duro Dogs

You can also trade items for common dogs. For example, I'm sure some people would be happy to give you a level 1 common dog if you gave them three Ruff Runner items like a "Ruff Runner Cap", "Ruff Runner Glasses", and a "Ruff Runner Scarf". Also, if you have a lot of treats, then you could use them to buy some items from the shop that you can trade for common dogs. For example, back when "Weathered Dog Tags" could still be purchased in the shop for 250 treats each, I traded a level 1 common dog for three Weathered Dog Tags. Beginners who don't want to spend any out-of-pocket money should definitely consider using this strategy of trading items to get common dogs.

Other Creative Ways to Utilize Duro Dogs

There are a number of creative ways to utilize Duro Dogs. I've loaned people I trust level 1 dogs for free for 6 months, and I've also rented fully trained dogs for a small weekly or monthly fee. I've also gotten paid for training someone else’s dog which is nice because not only did I get paid, but I also earned a bunch of treats while training their dog. I've heard of people in different time zones sending dogs back and fourth so while one person slept the other person got to utilize their dogs. Hopefully one day there will be an automated system for sending dogs between accounts.
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